BEFORE & AFTER | The Stunning Experience

It has been an overwhelming 24+ hours since launching my new website and the Stunning brand, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the positive feedback and interest. Thank you, a thousand times over!

I’ve received numerous emails in the last day from women who want to book sessions, but don’t feel they’re “model material” or they want to lose weight, or get in shape first. Some don’t know that they’d want their photos publicized, and others are worried that “stunning” is the last thing they are.

Every woman is beautiful.  I believe this whole-heartedly.

The Stunning session is an experience - a chance for you to feel as beautiful as you look - regardless of your shape, size, or age today. If you FEEL beautiful, you’ll look beautiful, and I will document it! I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a glamour photographer. The makeover you’re given by talented face & hair artists will only enhance the beauty that is already there. Together, we’ll find your most flattering angles and create breathtaking imagery, and by the end of the shoot, you will feel as stunning as you think the supermodels on magazine covers are! And you will know, by looking at your finished images, that you could be on one too :).  Your photographs are intended to be pure art.

All clients who are featured on the blog will be showcased in a magazine page layout, as those that appear on the website:

Every woman deserves to feel like she could grace the cover of a magazine - should you choose to experience a session, it is my utmost intention that you do!



It's official!  After a crazy week of designing this website and building it from scratch, it's finally done!
The product of months of planning, countless sleepless nights, my labor of love (ha!), and a final push to just get it done.

Check out my newest photography line,
Update your bookmarks!  New website can be found at:  

Special thanks to:

My family, for being SO patient with me while I neglected them to get this website complete.
Lani Ulugalu & Shanina Aliifua, for their amazing hair & make-up talent and time.
Leilani Ramsey, Eki Punimata, Fancy Frenchwood, Amber Zumwalt, Cayden Dedera, and Lani Ulugalu for being STUNNING!
Rose Suiaunoa, for taking the time to "preview" this project while in the works, her creative direction and honest *reviews* - all of which helped make this website what it is!
SHOWIT, for awesome software that allowed me to put my ideas into a website I can call my own :)!




This post on a brand new blog has been a long time coming!  

For several months, I've thought about revamping my business, focusing on something I enjoy, and running with it.  Like the fabulous image above reads, I have been devoted to this idea all year long, and while, clearly, it's taken me AGES to get this off the ground, today I'm "making it happen" -- a new website is launching, an entire new brand is developing, and I've designed a new line of photography I've dubbed STUNNING - I couldn't be more excited to share it with you; there's so much in store!  

This is my DREAM!