Internet, I'm alive!  Happy 2012 :).

I can't believe I didn't post a single thing the entire month of December - the most eventful month of the year in my household.  We celebrated two of my daughters' birthdays (Eden turned 6 and Taimane turned 5), welcomed my brand new niece Catherine into the world at the beginning of the month, then our own new daughter Tiare-Rose made her debut a few days before Christmas.  We celebrated our wedding anniversary in the hospital with our newest addition who came the day before, and had a wonderful Christmas with my mom, stepdad, grandma and sister visiting from Samoa and California, as well as my youngest brother and his girlfriend.  It was a busy month to say the least and I'm still in recovery-mode, but it was an exciting time, and a great way to wrap up the year.

I haven't had much time to sit down and post anything, and it's probably safe to say I'll be on maternity leave for a few more weeks :).  2011 was a year of triumphs and challenges, as in any year, and a tremendous learning experience all around.  Here's to 2012, and all that it will bring!  I have huge plans for the Stunning brand this year, and hope you stick around to see things unfold :).

Wishing you all a fabulous year! XOXO