Before all else, I am a mommy.  It's one of the things I am proudest of, amongst any and all accomplishments in my life.  When I started to develop the concept of the Stunning brand, I thought often of my daughters.  At 5 and 4, they are extra impressionable, especially inquisitive, and their innocence is beautiful.  Often, I find them playing dress-up, pretending they're princesses, or quietly watching me put on make-up.  When I fix their hair or they have a new outfit on, they're quick to ask if they look pretty.  I always wonder who they'll grow up to be someday, and what it is I can teach them about what really makes them beautiful.

True beauty shines through when it comes from within.  Physically, everyone has something going for them - great hair, luscious lashes, straight teeth, a good jawline, perfect skin, toned arms, curves, etc.  Similarly, we all have quirks about what we don't like about our physical selves.  When someone is beautiful from the inside though, it shines brighter than any physical imperfection.  While you can't tell a person's personality from a photograph, I can say that it is possible to bring that beauty out so that the captured image does reflect it.  Before I launched the Stunning line, I thought about that very thing - capturing TRUE beauty.  Professional hair & make-up application can enhance our physical qualities, and when we physically feel beautiful, the beauty beneath it all makes itself evident.  The Stunning experience, as I've said before, is intended to draw that "beautiful" out.

More than anything, I want my daughters to grow up to be healthy, kind, patient, loving, respectful, confident, intelligent, honest women.  I want them to have integrity, to be helpful to those in need, to be strong and to always stand for something good.

I want them to be stunning, from the inside out. 

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Nora said...

Everytime I talk to them I swear that they are older! Lol. Equally adorable with the smarts to match. *hugs*