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I decided to answer a bunch of questions I've received lately, in a blog post.  I thought about doing this later in the week, but after getting a ton of questions, I figured I'd split them up into two posts, and do another one later in the month.

You asked..here are the answers :).  Thanks to everyone who sent in questions!

What do you shoot with?  This is possibly THE most frequently asked question :).  I shoot with the Canon 5D Mark II - my trooper of a camera body - and mainly two fixed prime lenses that I like to switch between: the buttery smooth Canon 50mm f/1.2L (the Nifty Fifty!), and the fabulous 85mm f/1.2L.  I also have a dependable 35mm f/2.0 that can do wonders in great lighting.

What kind of post-processing do you do?  I do all post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.  My post-processing is minimal; I will color-correct an image, retouch skin if necessary, and sharpen.  Some images will get converted to black & white.  That's about it.  It's my preference that the photograph look as true to reality as possible, but I will enhance it a little if necessary, and only with very basic touch-ups.

What are your prices?  Under "Investment" on my website (also named "Collections"), there are 3 main collections (Classic, Boutique and Couture) with pricing information.  

Do the Stunning shoots include makeovers?  The Boutique and Couture collections include professional hair & make-up, while the Classic collection does not.  I highly recommend that clients choose to have their hair and make-up done professionally, as it plays an essential part in the Stunning session results.  Should a client choose the Classic package, she does have the option of adding hair & make-up at an additional cost.

Do you offer payment plans?  Absolutely!  Generally, payment is due in full upon booking.  However, I'm completely open to payment arrangements that are most convenient for you.  Payment plans can be weekly, bi-weekly, split into 2 or 3 or 4 - whatever works best.  The only catch to payment plans is that the shoot must be paid in full at least 2 days before the scheduled shoot date.  30% down (in however many payments it takes) is required to reserve a specific date.  Email me, and we can discuss arrangements.

Do you do "Stunning" maternity photos?  What about senior portraits?  YES, and yes!  Either type of shoot can be done under the same collections that are listed on the website.  

Do you still do families, weddings, engagement shoots, etc?  Yes, I do.  While the focus of my branding is for women, I will do portraits for men and children, family photos, and I love to shoot engagements and weddings.  Email me to schedule a shoot/book a wedding.  I am currently limited to doing 4 weddings per year.

Your bio on your website says you are mommy to 3.5 kids.  What does that mean?  I've been blessed with 2 daughters and a son, and am expecting baby #4 due some time soon :).  Another little princess to add to the bunch!  I say "3.5" since she's not quite here just yet ;).

Do you do group sessions, and if so, do you offer discounts?  It's always fun when friends book shoots together - yes to the group sessions/marathon shoots!  Collections are not offered at discount rates, but I am putting together a referral and "frequent flyer" program right now.  "Like" my Facebook page to stay current on any promotionals that may come up in the future.  Stay tuned for more details on the programs in the works :)!

What do I bring to a Stunning shoot?  Depending on the collection you choose, you can bring different outfits to change into during your shoot.  As I shoot fashion/editorial style photos, I suggest bringing more fashion-forward items.  If you're scheduling a boudoir session, you can bring lingerie, a pretty bra & panty set, a men's shirt, etc.  Possibilities are limitless!  Shoot me an email if you have an idea for the type of shoot you'd like, and we can work together to tailor the shoot specifically to you!

I'm nervous!  What should I expect the shoot to be like?  Don't fret - it's natural to be nervous before a shoot (that's why I stay on the other side of the camera..lol!).  The Stunning experience is intended to be your very own pampering session where you can get dolled up and beautiful and I can document it afterwards.

Do you travel?  ABSOLUTELY!  I am a destination photographer, and plan several trips a year to different places.  I'm also available for trips at your request, and have set travel fees depending on states.  Email me if you'd like to book a shoot in a location other than Western Washington.

Hope this answers most questions :).  I'll run another soon - post any questions you may have on the Facebook page, send me an email, or give me a call!


Seini Photography said...

Pua, your vision, website, and new direction is definitely stunning!!!! I love it and wish you the best of luck:) Your work is beautiful and I can't wait to see more!

Malia said...

Love the FAQ! You're such a great writer :) xo!